Yitzhak Attias is a percussionist and songwriter originally from Gibraltar, a British colony in the south of Spain.

Having grown up on the Mediterranean, Yitzhak brings African, Latin, and Flamenco influences into his music, which mingle with the Sephardic traditions on which he was raised.

Yitzhak was extremely moved on his first visit to Israel by the desert - the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and the Sinai. The profound change he felt from this trip drew him back to Israel, where he has lived since 1980.

As a studio musician, his playing is featured in countless recordings.

He has performed extensively in Israel and toured Europe, North and South America.

Yitzhak's first CD, Gather the Sparks, reflects the influence of Rebbe Nachman's teachings on his music, and includes some of Israel's finest musicians. It received acclaim for it's innovative fusion of Latin and Jewish content.

Reshimu, his latest CD, is a musical journey that combines Yitzhak's memories from Gibraltar, his continual awe of natural landscapes, and his spiritual yearnings and wanderings.
Reshimu is richly textured with a wide variety of percussion instruments from different parts of the world.
The musicians on the album include Yaron Gottfried, Avi Singolda, Elie Massias, Eyal Sela, Yoram Lachish, Yehuda Glantz, Yorai Oron, Oren Tzor, Nitzan Ein Habar, Ofer Portugali, Uri Miles and Yitzhaks wife Tamar. The result is a magnificent blend of colors and musical landscapes.

Yitzhak lives with his wife and children in Jerusalem where he works as a session musician and provides graphics for the award-winning web site, aish.com.